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Nailpolish is for girls!

D. found my nailpolish and asked if he could put some on. What fun for a child! So I said yes, but not now, because it was time for bed. "Can Joshua come to our house and play with the nailpolish with me?" he asked. Joshua is a little boy in his class. "Sure, if it's ok with Joshua's parents," I said. 
Actually I would have loved for that to happen. I would have loved to see how another little boy would relate to that activity. And I would have loved to see my boy play a traditionally feminine activity- with another boy. I would have also like to see how Joshua's parents would react. But it never happened, because it took a few days to arrange Joshua's visit and by that time D. had forgotten. They played with other toys. 
But yesterday he found it again. And I let him put it on. And wear it to school Friday morning. 
When we got to school, there were 2 little girls in flouncy dresses drawing pictures at the table. D. moved to join them, when one of…