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"when i was a boy i loved dresses"

This happened a while ago, but I've been too busy to blog about it.
I went to pick up D. from the previously mentioned birthday party. A group of moms  were chatting at the front door, with the host, a single dad (its a joint custdy arrangement). They were all dressed rather nicely- coincidence? and I felt rather dowdy. The single dad, of course, being male, was under no such pressure and was wearing regular dungarees. See my post below about beauty.
But I digress. The point is not the clothes but the conversation. Conversation about clothes. Same thing that I complain about- nothing nice for boys. all boring grays and dark blues. And how ridiculous that even toys like legos come in separate colors for boys and girls.
And all of a sudden John, the clearly masculine dad, is saying "when I was a boy I loved dresses... I used to always wish I could wear a skirt... I waited all year for Purim so I could dress up in a skirt...."
(purim is sort of a jewish version of Amer…