my son the dog

Yesterday at around 4 pm my son decided he was a dog. He kept this up for the rest of the day until bedtime. He crawled on the floor and said Woof Woof and asked to have his ears scratched. We were outside walking on the sidewalk but he insisted he couldn't walk on two feet.  He ate from his plate without using hands and surprisingly managed it quite well. He did not ask to play with his makeshift dress (actually a large scarf) or costume wig. 

I wonder if this means Elsa is gone, or if she will come back again with a vengeance. Will have to wait and see. 

I find the dog thing annoying, but not so worrisome as i found being a girl. I guess its because i don't really entertain the idea that one day he will decide, as a teen or adult, that he really is a dog.  


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