Can men be beautiful?

I have tried to analyze what aspect of femininity draws my son, and come to the conclusion that its beauty. 

It's not about a particular activity like nailpolish, or a particular garment. if it was, could find some masculine outlet somewhere. 
Its about being beautiful.

Men may not be beautiful or desireable. 

Even male dancers do not wear clothes and perform moves to highlight their beauty, but to highlight their skills. 

Even Gay men may not be beautiful or desireable outside of specific sexualized spaces. 

Children learn sex roles early, before they have a concept of sex- the female role is to be desired, the male to desire.

There is one exception to the no beautiful male rule- tiny male children are still accepted as beautiful, desireable, adorable.

My son is 4; around the age they transition out of that social age bracket. (and he has a baby brother too.)

I don't know how to give my son what he needs. 


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