I only play girl things at home

School is out and D. is home. 
Elsa is making sporadic appearances in our home, along with an assortment of baby animals; kittens, puppies, bunnies. Occasionally he will state that he's a female animal. Whatever animal he's playing, it seems the point is to crawl into my lap and be cuddled and petted. Does he feel he is less loveable as a boy???? i certainly can't imagine a more loveable child, of any gender. 

He also plays house with his baby brother, calling himself the big sister. 

I once asked him if he  plays house at school. He gave me the names of some little girls he plays with. At school, he is always the daddy. 

In day camp, they had a costume party. I rummaged around and found nothing. "Why don't you wear your Elsa wig?" 

He gave me a "you should know better" look. "Mommy, this is girls! I only play girl things at home." in the end, we found a yellow Bob the Builder jacket for him. 

He has decided not to challenge the unwritten social code. I guess thats what vacation time is for. 

I haven't had time to really develop this blog. But if you are still reading, please do give me a shout out.


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