oh no its me

D. was invited to a birthday party, by a boy named Rudy, somewhat older than himself- age 6. 
As D. was preparing to go, he happened upon the baby playing with an old doll. 
The doll had been given to him by an aunt, not so much as a gift but as away of unloading her kids old junk on us. At the time, D. played with it intensely for 2 days and then moved on to other things. But nothing like seeing a sibling play with an old toy, to ignite a dormant interest. 
"Mommy, look! I want to play with it! Can I take it to the party?"
"I don't think thats a good idea sweetheart. It might get lost."
"No it wont, I'll be careful!"
I have to admit I wouldn't much notice the difference if that beat up old hand me down doll that the kids rarely play with got lost. But, I was afraid that D. would get laughed at by the 6 year old boy and his friends. Secondarily I was self conscious about what the other parents would think of me. 
Then it dawned on me. 
I know where he's getting his social conformity from- 
from ME!


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