social integration

My 6 year old neighbor, a girl, dropped in to play. D. was wearing his wig and makeshift dress. He appeared very sheepish and quickly removed them. 

The girl got bored quickly and left. I asked D. if he preferred her to leave, or to stay. "I want her to stay." 

I thought he might have preferred that she leave so he could play freely. But no, he wants to be socially integrated with other children.

I suppose thats a good thing. I was never socially integrated and it hampers me to this very day. But he- since he's been in day care, teachers have praised his social skills. 

So make no mistake. I am happy that he is socially integrated, and satisfied with his choice to remain so (cant deny that it makes my life easier, too.)

But I can't help wondering; if society is killing an important part of himself; just how important that piece is- an essential aspect of his identity, or just one of many childhood explorations....


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